6535 N Olmsted Ave. 
Chicago, IL. 60631
phone: 773/267-5858
fax: 773/267-8805

Carpenters Local 58
Rockwell/Devon Re-development Project
6401-6425 N. Rockwell, 50th Ward
Little known prior to the Rockwell/Devon project Mohammed T. Siddiqi "won" this project and $3.5M in TIF benefits by default.  He essentially was the only bidder.  I'll bet you'd like those odds.  Inexplicably the City never re-bid the project.  Why? 

Why did Broadway Bank continue to pour Millions of good dollars after bad after Siddiqi defaulted on loans, time and again?  What is the relationship between Mohammed Siddiqi and the $70-100M that went missing when Siddiqi's  business partner Salman Ibrahim disappeared?  Siddiqi's now foreclosed 4635-4641 N. Broadway property in the 46th Ward Uptown area was a recent site of a hostage situation and police believe is used as a drug house for the notorious Vice Lords gang.  Why did Siddiqi lavish contributions on Alderman Shiller of the 46th Ward in Uptown?

Tony Rezko's general contractor, Gary Poter thought the project was too risky. He partnered with Macando Corp., a company that worked on the study and provided documentation for the Devon/Western TIF.  It's too bad one of Poter's workers murdered him.  He would have had a story to tell.  Poter submitted a letter with his bids indicating it was the opinion of one of the major parking operators in Chicago that this job would never pay off.  They indicated they were not interested in being involved.  Why didn't the City heed the adivce of experts?

Listed below are facts that paint a curious picture of this $17Million and counting project.  His other projects are a case history of what junk was fed to Lehman Brothers and America before the market crash.  This is not counting his other failed projects and the effect this is having on your community.  Who is minding the store at Housing and Economic Develpment (HED formerly Department of Planning and Development DPD).  What makes Aldermen and City payrollers think they have a vision for Chicago?  What have they done with TIF money other than reward those that don't deserve to be?  

Editorial note; If you are a tax-payer you are doing the rewarding.  Your children are also since that money is being siphoned off from the schools.
The Players;  Keep in mind that each player has dozens of corporations in their name or in partnerships with each other or who knows. 

The Principle, Mohammad T. Siddiqi, also known as Mohamad Siddiqui, Tariq Siddiqi, MT Siddiqi and any number of combinations or mis-spellings of the name.  He also is known as "the developer" and "the bundler" as he allegedly bundled contributions for Senate candidate Obama.  He can't go long without kicking into a politicans election fund, if he has a project in the ward.  He nearly drown Alderman Shiller in contributions.

Salman Ibrahim, Securities Confidence Man, Fugitive, whereabouts unknown.  Victimized principally people from his native land and a few American Banks.

Rosa Ibarra, PNC Bank Branch Manager  in Cicero.  She also is an avid real estate investor and as you will see something of a facilitator.  Apparently married to Jesus Ibarra for many years and to Jesus Ibarra and Salman Ibrahim at the same time for several years according to documents retrieved.

Amjed Mahmood, Securities Confidence Man, real estate investor, contractor and oh yeah a poor cab driver.   That's what he told the feds when thy moved in on him and Ibrahim and close to $100 Million went missing.  He's since taken a plea.  

There are a few other key players that were involved in the "Sunrise" group like Mohammed A Zahid and Fawad H Butt.  Several aldermen on the north side and some on the south side were Siddiqi's friend, if he was developing in the ward.  For a little spice add the names of Amrit Patel and Patti Blagojevich.  It is a delight  to see what property is purchased and then try to guess which ward the contribution was made.  It did seem that only those that were willing to deal were approached.  Perhaps only those from the Arenda Troutman school of politics.

1.07/28/98 – Mortgage, Rosa & Jesus Ibarra, husband and wife 
  • Residence on N. Lieb

2.08/09/01- Sunrise Equities Inc, Secretary Of State filing,
  • Salman Ibrahim, as agent at 6355 N. Claremont STE 201
  • as president at 6434 N. Talman

3.01/31/02 – Mortgage, Rosa & Jesus Ibarra, husband and wife
  • Residence on N. Lieb

4. 02/13/20 - Incorporated - 825 Cuyler Condominiums Inc.
  • located in 46th Ward (Shiller)

5.05/07/02 – Contribution to Democratic Club of the 50th Ward
  • $300
  • from 825 Cuyler Condominiums Inc., a brand new Siddqi project  entity
  • project is in 46th Ward (Shiller)

6.06/20/02 – ASAT Investments, Inc. Secretary Of State filing, Siddiqi
  • Registered at 2150 W. Devon

7.06/25/02 – Democratic Club of the 50th Ward
  • $1000
  • Mohammad Siddqi
  • from Siddiqi's W. Farwell address in the 40th Ward

8.07/01/02 – Letter from Rosa Ibarra, (at that time) Assistant Vice President of Mid-America Bank
  • “To Whom It May Concern”
  • Submitted with ASAT proposal to Planning and Development, City of Chicago
  • “have done several loans and financial business from $200K up to $7 million in business” with Siddiqi
  • “done business with ‘Him’ for the past 10 years”.
  • Him?

9.10/01/02 – Mortgage, Rosa Ibarra as a single woman
  • 5621 W. Eddy – Mid America Bank

10.10/15/02 – Sham Marriage - Salman Ibrahim, a respected religious man and a Member on The Shariah Compliance Board of America and Rosa Ibarra, assistant VP Mid-America Bank, now a Branch Manger at PNC.  Rosa is a Rotarian and herself an immigrant success story.  She learned English from watching Sesame Street while babysitting 
  • Sham marriage enables Ibrahim a Pakistani national to expand operations
  • Salman uses Rosa’s W. Eddy St. address for his “Sunshine” real estate, mortgage and securities fraud shop 

11.10/18/02 – Purchase, 4635 – 4641 N. Broadway  by Siddiqi
  • in 46th Ward
  • From Riad Ibrahim, 5100 N. Broadway

12.10/24/02 – ASAT Investment II, LLC, SOS filing
  • Siddiqi and Ibrahim are listed as managers

13.12/10/02 – Title, 6425 N. Rockwell property next to city owned land in 50th Ward
  • To Sanita Saracevis
  • Conveyed from Awais U Malik

14. 12/31/02 - Contribution - Ald. Shiller, champion of the downtrodden in Uptown
  • $1000
  • 825 Cuyler Condominium Inc. a Siddiqi enterprise
  • from W. Farwell address in 49th Ward

15.01/21/03 – Contribution, Ald. Bernie Stone 
  • $1450
  • 50th Ward.
  • Mohammed T. Siddiqi, W. Farwell address in 49th Ward

16.01/21/03 – Request For Proposals, City of Chicago, Department of Planning for Rockwell/Devon Re-Development
  • Dispose of City owned two land parcels at 6401 N. Rockwell
  • Value in 2003 figured at $900K 
  • in 50th Ward
  • Ald. Bernie Stone same day contribution benefactor by Siddiqi

17.01/20/03 – Condo Decoration
  • 825 W. Cuyler 
  • in 46th Ward, Trust # 128845

18. 02/28/03 - Contribution - Ald. Carrie M. Austin
  • $250
  • 34th Ward

19.03/04/03 – Letter from Silvia Hernandez, Assistant VP, ALTA Mortgage Corp 
  • “To Whom It May Concern” 
  • Pre-qualify for financing on Rockwell/Devon project!

20.03/14/03 – Warranty Deed issued – Amjed Mahmood
  • Notify – Charles Levy attorney

21.03/17/03 – Response to Request For Proposal by Siddiqi as ASAT (not ASAT Inc)
  • Submits a resume of projects – All foreclosed or troubled jobs.  
  • Falsely claims to own parcel at 6425 N. Rockwell next to city owned property.
  • See lis pendens notice naming Awais U Malik a month later  
  • Sunrise securities co-conspirator Mahmood doesn’t get mortgage on 6425 until next day.

22. 03/17/03 – Response to RFP submitted by Devon Rockwell Partners, L.L.C. (DRP, LLC never filed with SOS). This partnership between Gary Poter of Poter Construction who had worked similar deals with Tony Rezko, Joseph Oshinski of SEJ Development, Inc. has a similar deal at Irving and Cicero and Rodrigo del Canto of the Macondo Corp.
  • RPC proposal included two detailed options. Each option is backed by extensive research and volumes of data supplied by Macondo Corp. Macondo Corp was the company hired by the City of Chicago Department of Planning and Development to do the Devon/Western Tax Increment Finance District Area survey study and evaluation.  
  • Neither option submitted claimed to be able to make money but in fact would return the project back to the city upon completion for City to subsidize.  It was their conclusion that the project would not be self-sustaining.
  • Included in response package was a letter from the general manager of CPS Parking (owner of several downtown parking companies) that they were not interested in participating in operating the garage because after several weeks of evaluation “there is not enough demand in the area to justify this large of a location that can be operated on a profitable basis”.

23.03/18/03 – Mortgage – Mahmood $365K, 6425 N. Rockwell next to city owned property
  • This is the day after Siddiqi submits his proposal to city claiming to own 6425 N. Rockwell parcel

24.04/10/03 – Contribution, Richard M. Daley Campaign Committee 
  • $1000 
  • Sunrise Equities (Salman Ibrahim)

25.04/10/03 – Contribution Richard M. Daley Campaign Committee 
  • $500. 
  • remember Siddiqi is looking to get two parcels from city for $1 each, value $900K
  • Mohammed T. Siddiqi at W. Farwell address

26.05/27/03 – Mortgage, 2740 Pratt
  • in 50th Ward
  • Mid America Bank, again

27.06/06/03 – Contribution, Ald. Shiller, champion of the downtrodden in Uptown
  • $1000
  • 46th Ward
  • Homes 4 you at W. Farwell address in 49th Ward
28. 06/09/03 - Contribution, Democratic Club of the 50th Ward
  • $1400
  • Homes 4 You / ASAT Investments at W. Farwell address in 49th Ward

29. 06/10/03 - Contribution - Citizens for Maldonado
  • $5000
  • Sunrise Equities, 6355 N. Claremont
  • Dubbed "City Council Real Estate King" by Ben Javorsky and Mike Dumke of "The Chicago Reader"
  • Alderman, Cook County Commissioner

30.10/07/03 – Contribution, 36th Ward Regular Dem Org
  • Billy Banks, Committeeman
  • $500
  • Homes 4 you at W. Farwell address in 49th Ward
  • Does Rock/Dev project need zoning?

31.10/10/03 – Incorporation, Sunrise Development of Chicago, LLC
  • Siddiqi at W. Farwell address
  • Ibrahim at 6355 N. Claremont, as partners

32.10/21/03 – Mortgage - 2140-2152 W. Devon - Sunrise Development of Chicago LLC, Mohammed Siddiqi and Broadway Bank
  • Sunrise Development of Chicago LLC is a Salman Ibrahim and Mohammed Siddiqi company
  • intent of complying with Islamic Rules of Diminishing Musharakah
  • Ibrahim on 

33.11/18/03 – Contribution Alderman Shiller, Champion of the Downtrodden in Uptown 
  • $1000
  • 46th Ward
  • Siddiqi at W. Farwell address in 49th Ward.

34.11/20/03 - Contribution, Flores for Commissioner
  • $250
  • Flores is 1st Ward Alderman
  • Homes 4 you at W. Farwell address in 49th Ward

35.12/09/03 – Contribution - Ed Burke
  • Chairman, City of Chicago Finance Committee
  • $1500.

36.12/12/03 - Contribution - Taxpayers for Quinn
  • $3000
  • Sunrise Equities Inc.
  • 6355 N. Claremont

37.12/22/03 – Mortgage, 2140-2152 W. Devon
  • Sunrise Development of Chicago, LLC
  • Siddiqi and Ibrahim, managers
  • Partnership with Broadway Bank written in mortgage
  • Rules of Diminishing Musharakah also

38.01/06/04 – ATA Pharmaceutical LLC, formed (Secretary Of State filing)
  • Siddiqi – Ibrahim – Mahmood, partners
  • 6355 N. Claremont address listed

39. 01/09/04 - 1716 N. Dayton Place LLC formed
  • Mohammad T. Siddiqi and Salman Ibrahim, managers
  • registered at 6355 N. Claremont, #201

40.02/29/04 – Contribution – Lou Lang, 16th District Rep.
  • $500
  • Mohamed Siddiqi at W. Farwell address

41.03/08/04 – Contribution, Dem Party of 49th Ward
  • $500
  • Siddiqi at W. Farwell in 49th Ward
  • Were you beginning to think he didn't like his 49th Ward?

42.03/12/04 – Zoning, 6401-6425 N. Rockwell
  • Recommended and sponsored by Ald. Stone
  • for a laugh read answer to question #4."On what date did owner acquire legal title to the subject property?"  Answer, UNCERTAIN.  Surprise, surprise.
  • Banks got the memo

43. 03/14/05 - Leland Terrace LLC, Secretary Of State filing
  • Sunrise Management ll the manager
  • Salman Ibrahim and Amjed Mahmood, managers of Sunrise Management ll
  • offices at 6355 N. Claremont #201

44.03/16/04 – Permit application 
  • 2150 W. Devon

45.03/24/04- Permit to Construct
  • 2144 W. Devon

46.03/24/04-Two permits, three buildings.  City Building Inspector thought he was dreaming.

47.04/06/04 – Contribution, Ald. Shiller, Champion of the Downtrodden in Uptown.
  • $1000,
  • 46th Ward
  • Siddiqi at W. Farwell address in 49th Ward

48.04/28/04 – Mortgage, Jesus & Rosa/ Husband & Wife, still

49.06/02/04 – Contribution, Ald. Shiller, C.of the D. U.
  • $1000
  • 46th Ward
  • Siddiqi at W. Farwell
  • Was she getting needy?

50.06/09/04 – Contribution, Democratic Club of the 50th Ward
  • $500
  • Siddiqi at W. Farwell address in 49th Ward

51. 06/10/04 - Contribution - Ald. Maldonado, Cook County Commissioner,
  • $2000
  • from 1716 N. Dayton Place LLC, a Siddiqi enterprise
  • from Siddiqi's W. Farwell address in the 49th Ward
  • Maldonado dubbed "City Council Real Estate King" by Ben Javorsky and Mike Dumke of "The Chicago Reader".

52.06/10/04 – Zoning Committee hearing on planned development at 6401 N. Rockwell

53.06/23/04 – 2740 W. Pratt LLC formed
  • Salman Ibrahim, Mohammed T. Siddiqi, managers
  • registered to 6355 N. Claremont

54.09/02/04 – Contribution – Anthony Beale
  • $500

55.10/21/04 – Contribution – Lou Lang, 16th District Representative
  • $1000
  • Siddiqi at W. Farwell

56. 10/29/04 - Contribution - Democratic Club of the 49th Ward
  • $500
  • From Mohammad T. Siddiqi
  • At W. Farwell address in the 49th Ward

57.10/22/04 – Contribution – Ald. Dorothy Tillman!
  • $1000
  • 3rd Ward
  • 3rd Ward office, 46th & M L King Dr 
  • Siddiqi project at 46th & Indiana

58.12/10/04 – Contribution, Ald. Shiller
  • $1000
  • 46th Ward
  • Siddiqi at W. Farwell address in 49th Ward

59.12/17/04 – Contribution, Ald. Shiller
  • $1000
  • 46th Ward
  • Siddiqi at W. Farwell address in 49th Ward

60.02/01/05 – Sale 2115 W. Roscoe #1 – Siddiqi
  • From Trust #03-2488

61.02/04/05- Sunrise Builders of Chicago, LLC, SOS filing
  • Amejed Mahmood agent 6355 N. Claremont
  • Salman Ibrahim mgr. 6355 N. Claremont
  • Fawed Butt 2334 W. Polk (a failed project)
  • Mohammed Zahid of 7432 N. Western 

62.02/14/05 – Second mortgage, Rosa Ibarra from Mid-America Bank
  • 5621 W. Eddy – Unmarried, as a single woman

63.02/18/05 – Mortgage 6425 N. Rockwell
  • This is the actual property transfer from Mahmood to Siddiqi
  • #0504918012

64.02/18/05 – Register Deed to 6425 N. Rockwell
  • Notarized from Mahmood to Siddiqi 
  • Charles Levy, attorney for Siddiqi in initial deal is as confused as anyone

65.03/14/05 – Sunrise Management II LLC (SOS filing)
  • Old name: Morgan Terrace, LLC, Sunrise Development Group
  • Salman Ibrahim, agent 6355 N. Claremont #201 
  • Salman Ibrahim and Amjed Mahmood, mangers, 6355 N. Claremont #201

66.03/01/05 – 

67.04/27/05 – 2140-52 W. Devon Commons Inc, SOS filing, M.T. Siddiqi

68.04/27/05 – 2740 W. Pratt Commons Inc., SOS filing
  • Siddiqi at W. Farwell address
  • Siddiqi- Ibrahim building

69. 05/03/05 - Contribution - Ald. Shiller
  • $1000
  • 46th Ward
  • Homes 4 you at W. Farwell address in 49th Ward

70.05/19/05 – Sale 2546 W. Devon to Siddiqi, property adjacent to 6401 N. Rockwell

71.05/24/05- Morgan Terrace LLC, SOS filing
  • Ibrahim, Mahmood, Zahid and Mohammed J. Guadhlalam

72.06/03/05 – Contribution 

73.06/22/5 – Contribution – Citizens for Maldonado, Alderman & Cook County Commissioner
  • $4500!
  • dubbed "City Council Real Estate King" by The Chicago Reader
  • Siddiqi at W. Farwell address in 49th Ward

74.07/07/05 - 2548 – 52 W. Devon – Siddiqi 
  • Broadway Bank mortgage PIN 024, 025

75.07/25/05 – Mortgage Pre-Qualification Letter
  • Letter from Alexi Giannoulious, Senior Loan Officer, Broadway Bank
  • Golden Boy Senate Candidate 
  • $12M at 8.5%
  • Must get TIF benefit of $3.3M!
  • Are you listening?

76.08/03/05- Sunrise Brokerage, LLC, SOS filing
  • Salman Ibrahim, 6355 N. Claremont #201

77.08/09/05 – Department of Planning and Development Staff Report In favor of ASAT, Inc. 
  • "after much consideration and with recommendation by Alderman Stone selected ASAT"
  • Siddiqi has completely new project reference list for record
  • names three foreclosed properties 

78.10/19/05 Contribution – Ald. Dorothy Tillman
  • $1000
  • 3rd Ward
  • Hanna Architects, Siddiqi's architect, worked on the 10 year Harold Washington Cultural Center
  • Tillman was full of favoritism for favors, nepotism too
  • Siddiqi has project a block from ward office
  • From Siddiqi at W. Farwell in 49th Ward

79.11/18/05 – Contribution – Joe Berrios, Citizens to Elect
  • $1000
  • Commissioner Cook County Board of Review
  • 31st Ward Committeeman
  • Current Cook County Assessor
  • Extreme Daley insider
  • Good choice!
  • from Siddiqi at W. Farwell address in 49th Ward

80.12/12/05 – Contribution, Ald. Shiller 
  • $1000
  • 46th Ward
  • Siddiqi at W. Farwell address in 49th Ward

81. 12/18/05 - Contribution - Lewis Powell lll
  • $1000
  • Homes 4 You at W. Farwell address

82. 12/22/05 - Contribution - Ald. Preckwinkle, current Cook County President defeating Stroger
  • $1000
  • 4th Ward
  • Homes 4 you at W. Farwell address in 49th Ward

83.01/04/06 – Signs Economic Disclosure Statement. 
  • Same time, shared offices w/Sunrise operaror Ibrahim as ASAT Investments Inc.

84.02/08/06 – Ordinance ASAT, Inc. as developer

85.03/01/06 - Finance Committee Report, City of Chicago

  •   ASAT Investments, Inc named as project developer for Rock/Dev Project

  •   changed from ASAT in proposal at direction of the City

86. 03/02/06 - "Pay to Play" rears it's ugly head.  Who is directing the drops?

87. 03/02/06 - Contribution - Dorothy Brown 
  • $500
  • Hanna Architects, Siddiqi's Rockwell/Devon architect

88. 03/02/06 - Contribution - Dorothy Brown
  • $5000
  • Homes 4 you a Siddiqi company at Siddiqi's W. Farwell address

89. 03/04/06 - Contribution - Giannoulias
  • $1000
  • Hanna Architects, Siddiqi's architect for Rockwell/Devon project

90. 03/04/06 - Contribution - Giannoulias
  • $5000!
  • love that boy
  • Homes 4 you a Siddiqi company at Siddiqi's W. Farwell address in 49th Ward

91. 03/10/06 - Again

92. 03/10/06 - Contribution - Ald. Moore
  • $1000
  • Hanna Architects, Siddiqi's Rockwell/Devon architect

93. 03/10/06 - Contribution - Ald. Moore
  • $500
  • 49th Ward!
  • Homes 4 you a Siddiqi company at Siddiqi's W. Farwell address in 49th Ward

94. 03/16/06 - Contribution - Larry Rogers Jr., County Board Seat, 3rd District
  • $1000
  • by Homes 4 You at W. Farwell address in 49th Ward

95. 03/16/06 – Contribution - Alexi Giannoulias
  • $2000
  • Siddiqi at W. Farwell address in 49th Ward

96. 03/18/06 - Contribution - Lou Lang, 16th Dist Rep
  • $1000
  • Hanna Architects, Siddiqi's Rockwell/Devon architect

97. 03/18/06 - Contribution - Lou Lang, 16th Dist Rep
  • $1000
  • Homes 4 you at W. Farwell address

98. 04/28/06 - Contribution - Friends of Greg Tuite a Rockford area attorney and the only non-incumbent is also the only unsuccessful democrat
  • $200
  • 69th House District

99.05/31/06 –Rosa Ibarra, Bank VP gets mortgage for condo
  • Siddiqi project
  • 4648 N. Winthrop 3-B
  • 46th Ward

100.06/07/06 – ASAT, Inc. SOS filing – Mohammed T. Siddiqi
  • At 2150 W. Devon
  • Charles Levy, Atty

101.07/10/06 - Contribution - Ald. Shiller
  • $1000
  • 46th Ward
  • Homes 4 you at W. Farwell address in 49th Ward

102. 07/10/06 - Contribution - Ald. Shiller
  • $250
  • this from Ibrahim associate Fawad Butt

103. 07/  /06 - Contribution - Joe Biden
  • $2000
  • Fawad Butt, Executive Sunrise Equities
  • 2334 W. Polk

104. 07/  /06 - Contribution - Joe Biden
  • $2000
  • Salman Ibrahim, CEO Sunrise Equities
  • 6435 N. Washtenaw

105.08/24/06 – Sale 2140 W. Devon #4W
  • From Trust #134277 to Siddiqi

106.09/07/06 – Dodge Construction Report #04-734232, Planning
  • Lists ASAT, Inc. as developer and Salman Ibrahim as contact

107. 09/18/06 - Contribution - Ald. Maldonado, Cook County Commissioner Maldonado
  • $4500!
  • named by "The Chicago Reader" the City Council Real Estate King!
  • appointed by Rich Daley to 26th Ward
  • On many important committees including zoning
  • Homes 4 you from Siddiqi's W. Farwell address in the 49th Ward
  • "make checks payable to 'Citizens for Maldonado' and mail to 4801 W. Peterson" in 39th Ward

108.10/05/06 – Contribution - Niles Township Democratic Organization, Lou Lang Committeeman.
  • $1500
  • from Mohammad Siddiqi at W. Farwell address

109. 10/10/06 - Contribution - Todd Stroger
  • $1000
  • Salman Ibrahim CEO Sunrise Equities
  • from 6355 N. Claremont #201 in 50th Ward

110. 10/14/06 - Contribution - Blagojevich
  • $250 
  • from Salman Ibrahim
  • from 6355 N. Claremont #201 address in 50th Ward
  • this can't be pay to play

111. 10/14/06 - Contribution - Blagojevich
  • $250
  • From Fawad H. Butt
  • 2334 W. Polk

112.10/20/06- 2140-50 W. Devon Commons Condominium Association, Inc.
  • Rosa Ibarra, Bank VP is President

113. 10/23/06 - Contribution, 27th Ward Regular Dem Org
  • $500
  • by Homes 4 You at W. Farwell address in 49th Ward
  • Committeman

114.11/07/06 – Mortgage, 2150 W. Devon 3E
  • Rosa Ibarra again as a single person

115. 11/08/06 - Contribution - Ald. Stone
  • $2000
  • Hanna Architects, Siddiqi's Rockwell/Devon architect

116.12/20/06 – Contribution Stone 
  • $200 – Salman Ibrahim
  • 6435 N. Washtenaw #2

117.12/20/06 – Contribution Stone
  • $200 from Amjed Mahmood

118.12/23/06 – Contribution – Ald. Mell, Dean of the Council
  • $600
  • 33rd Ward
  • from Siddiqi at W. Farwell in 49th Ward

119.12/28/06 – Contribution – Giannoulias Transition Team
  • $1000
  • Mohammad Siddiqi at W. Farwell adddress

120.01/07/07 – 

121.01/30/07 – Complaint, City of Chicago, Inspections
  • 4952 N. Spaulding
  • Siddiqi selling and/or occupying units without Certificate of Occupancy

122.01/31/07 – Permit Const – 6411 N. Rockwell
  • SREE general contractor, also
  • S&S Construction listed as “B’ Mason – Never actually onsite 
  • Counterpoint Construction listed as “C” MASON – Never actually onsite

123.02/13/07 – Permit, 24 S. Morgan
  • by Sunrise on Claremont/Morgan II (abs)

124. 02/22/07 - Contribution - Ald. Stone
  • $1000
  • Hanna Architects, Siddiqi's Rockwell/Devon architect

125. 02/27/07 - Contribution - Stephanie D Neely
  • $1000
  • City Treasurer sworn in December 2006, three months prior
  • Sunrise Equities Inc. (Salman Ibrahim)

126. 03/03/07 - OSHA Violation - SREE
  • cites Sree Construction of the Midwest at a DesPlaines project
  • 15 Violations
  • 3 Serious

127. 03/03/07 - Contribution - Ald. Tony Preckwinkle
  • $1000
  • Hanna Architects, Siddiqi's architect
  • 4th Ward, hmmm

128. 03/03/07 - Contribution, Ald. Tony Precwinkle, current Cook County Board President after defeating Stroger
  • $500
  • by Homes 4 You a Siddiqi company at Siddiqi's W. Farwell address in the 49th Ward
  • 4th Ward

129. 03/07/07 - Contribution - Rich Daley
  • $5000!
  • Sunrise Equitie, fugitive Salman Ibrahimm
  • Aren't they supposed to "give back" tainted money?

130.03/13/07 – River Realty lists 6355 N. Claremont
  • River Realty owner is Patti Blagojevich of all people 
  • Business office location of Siddiqi and Ibrahim, Mahmood and Zahid
  • Building trust, real owner Shaukat Sindhu

131.04/10/07 – Contribution Richard M. Daley
  • $1000
  • Sunrise Equities Inc.
  • 6355 N. Claremont

132.05/31/07 – Agreement, Siddiqi and City DPD, 6425 N. Rockwell
  • Siddiqi forms ASAT, Inc
  • ASAT is toxic, city can’t ignore this fact.

133.06/11/07 – Plaza Agreement ASAT, Inc
  • Redevelopment Agreement recorded between City and ASAT, Inc. ninety plus page description of obligations from and to Siddiqi’s ASAT including affordable housing, city residency, prevailing wage, minority hiring etc. none of these provisions are lived up to nor enforced by city, of course.

134. 06/15/07 - Contribution, Ald. Shiller
  • $1000
  • By Siddiqi's Homes 4 You this time from new address 7324 N. Western in 50th Ward

135. 07/17/07 – Permit - 6411 N. Rockwell - Coronet
  • Wreck & Remove

136. 07/30/07 – Another 6411 Permit for Construction issued
  • general contractor changed to Siddiqi’s “Homes 4you” 
  • Owner listed as ASAT, Inc at Siddiqi’s W. Farewell address

137. 11/17/07 - Contribution - Ald. Bernie Stone
  • $200
  • 6355 N. Claremont address
  • as Muhammad Siddiqui spelling

138. 12/19/07 - Contribution - Ald. Moore
  • $1500
  • 49th Ward
  • Homes 4 you at W. Farwell address in 49th Ward

139. 02/06/08 – Easy Permit, 6411 reinstate permit changed info
  • Homes 4 you listed at 7324 N. Western
  • ASAT Inc also listed at Siddiqi’s 7324 N. Western

140. 02/14/08 – Mortgage Rosa & Jesus – Husband & Wife

141. 02/23/08 - Contribution - Dorothy Brown
  • $2000
  • from Homes 4 you at W. Farewell address

142. 03/12/08 - Contribution - Ald. Moore
  • $500
  • Sunrise Equities, fugitive developer Salman Ibrahim
  • 49th Ward, Ibrahim offices in 50th Ward

143.04/23/08 – Complaint, City of Chicago Inspections, 3339 W. Argyle
  • Siddiqi still selling and occupying units in properties without Certificate of Occupancy
  • Homes 4 You listed as GC

144. 05/15/08 - Contribution - Todd Stroger
  • $1000
  • Homes 4 You at W. Farwell address in 49th Ward

145. 05/15/08 - Niles Township Democratic Organization, Lou Lang Committeeman
  • $1000
  • Homes 4 you from W. Farwell address in 49th Ward, Chicago

146.06/13/08 – Contribution – Ald. Shiller
  • $500
  • 46th Ward
  • Siddiqui spelling at 6355 N. Claremont, # 201 in 50th Ward

147. 06/13/08 - Contribution - Ald. Shiller
  • $1000
  • Sunrise Equities
  • 6355 N. Claremont address

148. 06/29/08 - Contribution - Dorothy Brown
  • $1000
  • M.T. Siddiqi at W. Farwell address

149.08/06/08 – Reinstate Permit 6411 N. Rockwell
  • SREE listed as general
  • ASAT Inc. listed at 7324 N. Western

150.08/??/08 – Disappearance, Salman Ibrahim goes underground (see 09/24/08 and FBI Press Release 11/17/10)

151. 09/2008 - Speculation that Ibrahim left country in newspapers Devon Asian community rocked.
  • Sun-Times reports money was used to invest in buildings at 2140-2152 W. Devon, Secretary of State confirms in their Stop Order
  • Taken from Sunrise Web site in icon next to this line are Sunrise projects, all are claimed by Siddiqi as well including the 2140-2152 W. Devon joint venture with Broadway Bank.

152.09/22/08 – Rosa Ibarra files for dissolution of Sham Marriage between herself and Ibrahim
  • Rosa claims to have no knowledge of Ibrahim’s whereabouts
  • Also claims to never co-habited with Ibrahim despite Ibrahim’s use of W. Eddy address for business

153.09/24/08 – Order of Prohibition against Sunrise Equities, Sunshine Management II, LLC d/b/a Sunrise Development Group, Sunrise Development, Inc., 1000 W. Monroe St., and 1023 W. Monroe St. by Secretary Of State, Securities Department
  • Amjed Mahmood & Salman Ibrahim
  • Activities named involve securities trading
  • Secretary of State lists Salman Ibrahim's address as W. Eddy building owned by his “wife” Rosa Ibarra, a bank manager!

154.11/24/08 - Rosa deposition to finalize divorce Ibrahim filed 09/22/08
  • claimed to not see him for two years and separated the day of marriage, prays to return to “maiden name, Ibarra”

155.12/19/08 - Mortgage, $4.525M for 2546-52 W. Devon address
  • To Mohammed T. Siddiqi And 5601-09 Clark Commons, Inc.
  • Siddiqi mailing address, 6425 N. Rockwell

156. 12/23/08 - Contribution - Larry Dominick, Cicero Voters
  • $250
  • Homes 4 You, Rosa Ibarra!  Rosa Ibarra?
  • Homes 4 You listed at Rosa and Salman Ibrahim's W. Eddy love nest address!

157.01/30/09 – Lien, 6425 N. Rockwell, dozens more by other contractors and suppliers to follow
  • demo contractor, Coronet attaching SREE (general contractor)

158. 02/28/09 - (As reported by Citizens for Responsible Development in the  50th Ward)
      Update 2/28/2009: Siddiqi mortgages Rockwell-Devon to appease Broadway Bank 
  • Even politically connected developer Mohammed Siddiqi is suffering from the current recession. Bridgeview Bank has foreclosed on two Siddiqi mortgages totaling $781,000 and various lenders have filed foreclosures against at least fifteen apparently fraudulent mortgages at other Siddiqi developments. In a surprising new development, Siddiqi has mortgaged the Rockwell-Devon project as additional collateral to secure two otherwise unrelated loans from Broadway Bank. 
  • The two "Subordinate Mortgage and Security Agreements" were executed December 19, 2008 and recorded February 5, 2009. The first agreement provides Broadway Bank with additional security for Siddiqi's $1,376,018 mortgage dated April 27, 2005 for the property at 4635 N. Broadway. The due date of the original loan has been extended until June 19, 2010. The second agreement secures Siddiqi's $4,525,000 mortgage dated March 26, 2006 for the property at 5601 N. Clark. The due date for this loan has been extended until December 19, 2010. Both agreements clearly state that "Mortgagee [Broadway Bank] would not lend to the Borrower [Siddiqi] without the additional collateral provided by Mortgagor herein." 
  • Allowing these additional liens against the property is a violation of Siddiqi's redevelopment agreement with the City of Chicago. The City has so far been completely negligent in administering the agreement so it is not clear whether it will take any action against Siddiqi for this latest violation. 

159. 02/28/09 - (As reported by Citizens for Responsible Development in the 50th Ward)
      Update 2/28/2009:Developer Siddiqi helps fuel foreclosure crisis 
  • Wells Fargo has filed another foreclosure against Thaer Ello at Siddiqi's 2140-50 W. Devon development. Ello purchased four units in the development. All four are now in foreclosure and the borrower cannot be located. 
  • Fraudulent mortgages at 5601-09 N. Clark St. 
  • Developer Mohammed Tariq Siddiqi is the politically connected former Sunrise Equities partner responsible for a number of unfinished developments including 2140-50 W. Devon Ave., 4646-50 N. Winthrop Ave., 4412-16 S. Indiana Ave. and the Rockwell-Devon parking garage currently under construction. Among his lesser-known unfinished projects is a 15-unit condo conversion at the corner of Clark St. and Bryn Mawr Ave. 
  • Siddiqi purchased the three-story commercial and residential building in March 2006 and began renovation work shortly thereafter. Nearly three years later, only one unit is substantially complete and construction continues at a snail's pace without building permits. Despite this lack of progress, Siddiqi has managed to close on at least seven sales, all of which are now in foreclosure. I say "at least seven sales" because not all of the sales have been recorded with the Cook County Recorder of Deeds. It is possible that other sales may come to light as lenders foreclose on additional mortgage defaults. 
  • Although Siddiqi has not been charged with any wrongdoing, the seven foreclosures at Clark and Bryn Mawr give the appearance of organized mortgage fraud utilizing straw buyers and fraudulent loan applications. Similar foreclosures are taking place at other Siddiqi properties—often with the same buyers. All seem to have several things in common: 
  • 1.None of the borrowers currently reside or have ever resided at the properties. 
  • ​2.None of the borrowers can be located. 
  • 3.In all cases Siddiqi retained possession after the supposed sale. 
  • 4.In all cases construction was not complete at the time of the sale and Siddiqi continued (or continues) to do work. 
  • These borrowers typically purchase more than one unit, either within the same development or at multiple Siddiqi properties. Although a single buyer's multiple closings may occur within a very short period—sometimes even on the same day—the borrowers always use different lenders. In all cases, by the time the lender files to foreclose, the borrower can no longer be found. The affidavit of a special process server in one foreclosure case seems to tell the typical story: “[The tenant] said Tariq Siddiqi owns the entire building and he pays rent to Tariq. [The tenant] said he never heard of the defendant.” 
  • Siddiqi had a silent partner in the Clark and Bryn Mawr project who is now suing him for breach of contract. This former partner alleges that Siddiqi colluded with borrowers to defraud lenders and that Siddiqi misappropriated funds from the construction loan and other mortgages. The plaintiff is seeking $1.2 million in damages. The lawsuit filed February 4, 2008 is still pending. 

Mortgage foreclosures at 5601 N. Clark St.:
AddressLoan Amount BorrowerLender
  • 1522 W. Bryn Mawr, Unit 1$395,650Rajesh RaiCountrywide
  • 1522 W. Bryn Mawr, Unit 2$342,000M. GangannagariWells Fargo
  • 1522 W. Bryn Mawr, Unit 3$328,500Rajesh RaiChase
  • 5607 N. Clark, Unit 2$356,250Gnanreddy GariWells Fargo
  • 5607 N. Clark, Unit 3$346,750Abdul MohammedCountrywide
  • 5609 N. Clark, Unit 2$356,250Gnanreddy GariChase
  • 5609 N. Clark, Unit 3$361,000V. GangannagariWells Fargo

A sampling of foreclosures at other Siddiqi properties:
AddressLoan Amount BorrowerLender
  • 4954 N. Christiana, Unit 2$V. GangannagariChase
  • 4956 N. Christiana, Unit 1$299,000Abdul MohammedChase
  • 2144 W. Devon, Unit 4E$287,200Thaer ElloWells Fargo
  • 2144 W. Devon, Unit 5E$314,910Thaer ElloU.S. Bank
  • 2144 W. Devon, Unit 5E$314,910Thaer ElloU.S. Bank
  • 2150 W. Devon, Unit 5E$332,405Thaer ElloDeutsche Bank
  • 2150 W. Devon, Unit 5W$332,405Thaer ElloAurora Loan
  • 1435 N. Sedgwick, Unit 2$480,000Rajesh RaiBayview Loan
  • 4960 N. Spaulding, Unit 1$232,750V. GangannagariGMAC

160. 03/15/09 - (As reported by Citizens for Responsible Development in the 50th Ward)
       Update 3/15/2009: Developer Siddiqi's financial situation worsens 
  • Bridgeview Bank is suing developer Mohammed Siddiqi for breach of contract due to Siddiqi's failure to pay four promissory notes totalling $2.7 million. The notes are for mortgages and construction loans for Siddiqi-owned properties at 2740 W. Pratt, 2115 W. Roscoe, 4635 N. Broadway and 2140-50 W. Devon. Bridgeview Bank has also filed for foreclosure against the Pratt and Roscoe properties. 
  • Siddiqi's financial troubles don't end with Bridgeview Bank. State Bank of Countryside is seeking to foreclose on two units in Siddiqi's unfinished 4646-50 N. Winthrop development. The foreclosure is a result of Siddiqi's failure to pay the remaining $410,000 balance due on his construction loan. Late fees and interest continue to accrue. 

161.03/23/09 – Prevailing Wage Compliance Conference finally held at this late date due to repeated FOIA requests by Carpenters Local 58 and community activist Greg Brewer for meeting minutes
  • Minutes note in attendance; Siddiqi and DPD, the general contractor Sree was not present and in India
  • Sree did file a lien against project

162. 03/28/09 - (As reported by Citizens for Responsible Development in the 50th Ward)
       Update 3/28/2009: Siddiqi in labor dispute with carpenters union 
  • Carpenters Local 58 is currently engaged in a labor dispute with developer Mohammed Siddiqi over the payment of sub-standard wages to Rockwell-Devon construction workers. Under his redevelopment agreement with the City of Chicago, Siddiqi is required to pay prevailing wage and meet city targets for hiring minority and women owned-businesses and city residents. Nearly two years into the agreement, Siddiqi has so far failed to meet any of his obligations or file a single compliance report. Despite complaints to the Department of Community Development's compliance division, the City continues its negligence in enforcing the agreement. 
  • Members of Carpenters Local 58 have been picketing the Rockwell-Devon construction site and distributing flyers questioning taxpayer subsidies and support for the project by local politicians in return for "a few well placed political donations". 

163. 04/14/09 – Pre-Construction Conference! Now!
  • Attendees in minutes, SREE, Crown Construction, DPD no mention of Siddiqi 

164.05/01/09 – Release Lien – Coronet/SREE

​165.06/04/09 - Non-compliance letter sent by City (DPD) to Siddiqi
  • City notes agreement calls for May 31, 2009 project completion
  • 90 days to complete construction

166. 07/07/09 - (As reported by Citizens for Responsible Development in the  50th Ward)
       Update 7/7/2009: Developer Siddiqi not in compliance with agreement 
  • Two years after entering into a redevelopment agreement with the City of Chicago, developer Mohammed Siddiqi has yet to file a single required progress report or financial statement. The City's Department of Community Development (DCD) is responsible for monitoring compliance, but has so far failed to do so. In response to outside pressure, DCD is finally starting to pay attention. 
  • DCD held a Compliance Information Conference with Siddiqi On March 23 to explain applicable compliance requirements for the Rockwell project. Three weeks later, on April 9, DCD conducted a so-called Pre-Construction Conference with Siddiqi and his general contractors, Neil Mudigonda of Sree Construction and Dan DaValle of Crown Construction. Sree Construction is the general contractor of record, although Crown Construction appears to be the actual general contractor. I say "so-called" Pre-Construction Conference, because the meeting took place nearly 26 months after Siddiqi received a building permit, 23 months after execution of the redevelopment agreement and nine months after the actual start of construction. As of last week, Siddiqi had still not filed any required documentation. In a letter dated June 8, DCD reminded Siddiqi that "Continued noncompliance can result in sanctions against the project, the developer, the general contractor, and/or affected subcontractors." 

167. 07/29/10 - Deed 6425 N. Rockwell, registered Agreement EZ Property Management. 
  • Shanur Khan 2150 W. Devon

168.08/18/09 – New redevelopment agreement - between City and Siddiqi
  • HED running around project wringing their hands over bizarre occurrences on project
  • City takes photos to document the mismanagement
  • City ready to give anything to get job done even modify terms

169. 11/15/09 - (As reported by Citizens for Responsible Development in the 50th Ward)
       Update 11/15/2009: $11.2 million in bad debt dogs developer 
  • The great mystery of the Rockwell-Devon redevelopment project is how developer Mohammed Siddiqi has been able to continue work despite his massive mounting debt. To date, five separate lawsuits have resulted in $8.6 million in judgments against Siddiqi. Another dozen totaling $2.6 million are pending. In addition, ASAT Inc. and Homes 4 You Inc., the two corporate entities under which he does business, have been involuntarily dissolved by the Secretary of State. 
  • The Judgments entered to date include: 
  • Case 2008-L-050556, State Bank Countryside v. Mohammad Siddiqi 
  • Judgment for Plaintiff in the amount of $479,849.00 entered May 30, 2008. 
  • Case 2008-L-011597, Bridgeview Bank v. Mohammed Siddiqui 
  • Judgment for Plaintiff in the amount of $2,984,936.00 entered June 11, 2009. 
  • Case 2009-L-051161, Republic Bank v. Mohammed T. Siddiqui 
  • Judgment for Plaintiff in the amount of $3,283,580.00 entered September 17, 2009. 
  • Case 2009-L-051162, Republic Bank v. Mohammed T. Siddiqui 
  • Judgment for Plaintiff in the amount of $920,515.00 entered September 22, 2009. 
  • Case 2009-L-051163, Republic Bank v. Mohammed T. Siddiqui 
  • Judgment for Plaintiff in the amount of $920,515.00 entered September 22, 2009. 
  • Of the $2.6 million pending, only one directly affects the Rockwell property. The remaining claims are against Siddiqi's other properties and failed developments, including 3339 W. Argyle, 5601 N. Clark, 4412 S. Indiana, 2140 W. Devon, 2740 W. Pratt, 2115 W. Roscoe, 6917 N. Western and 4646 N. Winthrop. 

170. 11/17/09 - Contribution - Elizabeth Hernandez, 24th District Rep, Cicero
  • Listed at Rosa and Salman's W. Eddy address! 

171.11/17/10 - FBI Press Release, Sunrise entities called a Ponzi scheme, Duh!
  • Early numbers are low, $69M
  • Ibrahim, Zahid and Mahmood named
  • Proceeds went to a range of personal uses

172.12/14/10 – Foreclosure, 2140-52 W. Devon (MB Bank successor to Broadway) 
  • Documents name; Sunrise Development of Chicago LLC a Mohammad Siddiqi / Salman Ibrahim partership, Mohammad Siddiqi AKA Mohammed Siddiqi, Tariq Siddiqi (a MTS alter ego), Homes 4you, 2140-50 Devon Commons and others. 

173.01/13/11 – Press Release – Ald. Stone
  • Announces Rockwell/Devon Garage should be open by election
  • Ten years in the making, four years under construction

174.02/15/11 - Garage Ribbon Cutting – Ald. Stone and friends
  • Election grandstand

175.03/31/11 – Shock of All Shock! Project found in non-compliance of redevelopment agreement, City notes 90 day extension requested May 26, 2009! Siddiqi hadn’t submitted his Economic Disclosure Statement (EDS) which was due with the proposal in 2003 until 8/21/2009! By City of Chicago Housing and Economic Development (HED) former Department of Community Development (DCD, DPD etc.) for;
  • Failing to submit competitive bit data
  • abandoning construction of residential units
  • failing to meet the completion date
  • failing to obtain approval for changes to the original plans
  • failing to provide written quarterly progress reports
  • failing to provide employment commitment reports
  • failing to (PICK A TOPIC)

176.07/??/11 – Garage Opens
  • Absolutely no traffic, multilevel security cameras show no cars at all in building
  • As always even Siddiqi parks on street easement

177.07/24/11 – Garage Closed by City due to violations
  • Orange “KEEP OUT” sticker from Commissioner of Buildings Placed posted in entrance

178.07/25/11 – Siddiqi’s contractors sneak around project doing everything except what is required by City

Tax payer funded project at election time
Siddiqi is a friend indeed.  Stone lost anyway.
Across the street and one block east of Pay To Play Garage is this structure which was a City garage.  It was always empty, so City of Chicago sold it off, shortly before the Rockwell/Devon project was being cooked up,at a fraction of what the City is to invest in the Rockwell/Devon project.  It's two floors and a block long with surface parking in back as well.
It seems everyone is a developer.  This garage on Western near Devon is just a couple blocks from Pay To Play Garage.  This was a former City Surface Lot the same as Pay To Play Garage.  There was a land swap with the City involved.  Both projects started at the same time, this one opened for a week and then closed for good. 
Here is  an example of the storefront installation. What's wrong with this?  If I have to tell you.....
(click for close-up)
This picture taken Aug.2011, only eight years into the project.  You can imagine how much fun it is to live next door to this.
6355 N. Claremont, 50th Ward
Looks great from here.  Banner with religous theme draped over front of tax-payer financed building for Feb. 15, 2011 grand opening
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This picture taken across crater that used to be Crawfords Department Store
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